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OKESO is an consulting and training company based in Brussels. We are focused on empowering businesses and individuals with new technologies.

We rely mostly on high quality Free and Open Source technologies to reduce hidden costs, increase the flexibility of our offers and provide strong security, privacy and digital sovereignty.


We provide professional advice and services to our clients on our topics of expertise:

Web Applications

  • Development based on Python/Django and ReactJS
  • Continuous Integration and other good practices
  • Sofware ecosystem and help choosing the right tools

Internet of Things

  • Data processing and System architecture
  • Proof-of-concepts, from the electronics to data visualisations on the Web

Data Science

  • Data analysis with Python (Jupyter, Pandas, ...)
  • Data processing Architecture
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


We work with different partners to organize courses and workshops on new technologies.

Our popular workshops include:

  • Python: Programming a Web App with Flask and Peewee (beginners)
  • Python: Jupyter Notebook and Pandas for data analysis (intermediate)
  • Architecture for the Internet of Things: Message queues, Time-series, Dashboards, Alerting (intermediate)
  • Building an IoT-lamp with Arduino and ESP8266 (WiFi) (beginner)


We host workshops and trainings in our space, in the center of Brussels.

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